FAQ — iidata | Winter 2017

What is iidata?

iidata is a one-day, collegiate-level Data Science convention aimed at educating students in the new, thrilling field of data science. We welcome all students, regardless of background knowledge, so long as you have a mindset to never stop learning. The convention will consist of guest speakers, workshops, and competitions.


How do you get there?

Here are some directions on how to reach UC Davis Conference Center. You may park at Visitor Parking (VP) 1 or 2. The building is right across from the Mondavi Center. More information can be found here.  Parking is free on the weekends.


Are we expected to go the whole day?

No, but we hope that you stay the whole day! iidata will be packed with events from start to finish, and our closing ceremony should be fun!



Who do I contact for sponsorship opportunities?

Please fill out the form above, or email us at iidata@ucdavis.edu, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Still have questions? Send them our way.



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