Gloria Kimbwala

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Gloria Kimbwala is the current Campus Program Specialist at Square. There, she works with college age students across the country to help create a more diverse landscape in technology. Gloria Kimbwala truly contributes to the innovate field of data science, where her positivity, enthusiasm, creativity, intelligence, and hard work are proven valuable. 

Topic: "It's Just Numbers, are the numbers really important when it comes to data?"


Jessica Utts

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Jessica Utts is the President of the American Statistical Association. One of her primary goals is to educate high school and college students about the diverse and exciting career opportunities in Statistics. Another goal will be to continue her career's work to promote the importance of statistical literacy to the public.

Closing Ceremony Speaker


Shubho Sengupta

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Shubho Sengupta is a researcher at the Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL) at Baidu Research where he designs and builds systems that train some of the largest neural networks in the industry. He has been working on general purpose computation on Graphics Processors for more than a decade and his research career started right here at UC Davis. His background in high performance computing on GPUs and statistics led him to SVAIL where he was an early member of the team that built both the Deep Speech and Deep Speech 2 speech recognition engines.

Topic: “Artificial Intelligence for hundreds of millions of people”


Michael Samuel

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Dr. Samuel is a leading data scientist for the California Department of Public Health and a member of the California Health and Human Services Open data Workgroup and Open Data Technical Team. He will be presenting about the connection between Data Science and the Department of Health, as well as providing examples for data visualization and analytics tools.

Topic: “the "big picture" of the relationship between Data Science and Departments of Health”, CHHS Open Data


Khosrow 'Cas' Hassibi


Khosrow Hassibi is the Senior Principal of data science at Cablevision. Khosrow Hassibi utilizes various concepts regarding the use of machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, advanced analytics (big data included) technologies in real-world applications at his position in Cablevision. His expertise in these fields will prove to be very insightful for attendees. 

Topic: High Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics: Challenges in modernizing traditional analytics environments


Vankat Rangan

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Vankat Rangan is the CTO and co-founder of Clari. Rangan is a software executive and technologist with over 30 years experience (17 years of executive level) experience leading, designing, architecting software products for enterprises in product organizations of various sizes ranging from early stage startup, high-growth phase as well as large enterprises. He has broad experience in all aspects of product development, management and leadership in all stages of product and company development.


Participant on Guest Speaker Panel


Lei Tang

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Lei Tang is the Chief Data Scientist at Clari. Tang's research interests include Data Mining, Social Computing, and Computer AdvertisingHe is now the Chief Data Scientist at Clari, a startup focusing on predictive analytics for enterprise sales. Before that, Lei Tang was a principal data scientist @WalmartLabs, and a scientist in Yahoo! Labs. He received his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2010 and B.S. from Fudan University, China in 2004.

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Participant on Guest Speaker Panel