The crux of iidata is having every attendee leave with new knowledge. Workshops will be held according to a time schedule and will run for about an hour for each topic. Workshops are hands-on and provide practical material for the given time frame.


Tech Talks

We invite numerous guest speakers from all backgrounds to speak at our event and share their knowledge. Past talks include "It's Just Numbers, are the numbers really important when it comes to data?" by Gloria Kimbwala (Square, Inc.) and "High Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics: Challenges in modernizing traditional analytics environments" by Dr. Hassibi from Cablevision.


Timed Analysis Competition

You have a data set, a list of questions, and 3 hours. Ready, set, go! Work with the data set and see what interesting trends you can find. Afterwards, present your findings to a panel of judges. Let's see who is the best Data Analyst around.


Predictive Modeling Competition    

More data-savvy competitors can test their skills in the PMC, where groups will be expected to clean, analyze, and predict their findings within 3 weeks time. Reports will be submitted online, and the best groups will be chosen to present in front of a panel of judges.

Research Exhibition

No convention would be complete without some cutting edge research! Exceptional undergrads from Sacramento to Berkeley will be presenting their projects on a wide variety of data science-related topics.

Industry Panel

Our most well-received event of the day! Learn from experts in the field about how data science is applied in a variety of industries, and get the insider tips on what it takes to become a data scientist.


To give you an idea of what our convention looks like, here is the schedule from 2016!