Participate in iidata competitionsthe highlight of the convention! Tackle data science problems in a constrained amount of time.

General qualifications: Team sizes are 1-5 people; Undergraduate and Masters students only.

Forward questions to


    Applications are now closed. Final teams will be emailed shortly.

    Applications are now closed. Final teams will be emailed shortly.

Timed Analysis Competition (on - site)

Competitors will be expected to do basic data cleaning techniques to answer questions tailored to different skill levels (Novice and Expert)Get ready for 3 hours of non-stop hacking!

Top teams in Expert level will be eligible for prizes.

  • Novice: one or more upper-division Statistics/data analysis course, experience with basic data analysis in R/Python/etc.
  • Expert: semi-comprehensive understanding of data science concepts, machine learning, programming experience
Applications are now closed.

Applications are now closed.

Predictive Modeling Competition (long - term)

The PMC tests your prediction and self-learning skills. If you are interested in answering a complex but fascinating prediction question, sign up! No prerequisites are required  we encourage everyone to apply!

On Jan 11, 2017, we will officially be releasing the data set to the public.Your team will have until Feb 1st to predict your findings. Top 5 finalists will be invited to present their models on the day of the convention for prizes!

Recommendations: Experience with R or Python, understanding of basic statistical concepts

See how the competition is doing!

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Research Exhibition

Ambitious undergraduates will be provided the chance to showcase their statistical or data-science research to an esteemed panel of expert judges as well as the general public on the day of.

  • Students from other universities are encouraged to participate
  • Research need NOT yet be publishable by the time of the event. Works in progress/preliminary studies are acceptable.
  • Only Undergraduates and Masters students may partake in this event.

Email if you are interested in participating. Please include your research topic, a brief description, your team members, and school.